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A Labiaplasty (often known as Labial Reduction surgery) is a surgical procedure that reshapes and reduces the labia Minora/Majora, the inner and outer of the ‘lips’ that surround the opening of the vagina.

Women choose to have Cosmetic Gynaecology to change the way their labia and surrounding vaginal tissue look. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your genitalia, or if it is causing you embarrassment or discomfort, you are not alone. Miss Judith Hunter specialises in this procedure and can help advise the right solution for you.

The Labiaplasty procedure

A Labiaplasty surgery involves removing excess tissue from your labia minora (inner lips), so that they are tucked in more neatly. It does not involve any procedure on your clitoris, vagina or outer folds (labia majora). It can be performed under local or general anaesthetic, but most people choose a general anaesthetic so they are completely asleep during the procedure.

For more information please download our fact sheet.

Miss Judith Hunter enjoys meeting her potential patients and appreciates what a big decision surgery is, she offers consultations in her Central London or Chelsea clinics.

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